3Best Photo Editing Apps For iPhone (2022 Edition)

What are the best photo editing apps to enhance your iPhone photos? With so many apps to choose from, how do you know which one to use? In this article, you will find the 10 best photo editor apps for iPhone. And we will help you choose the right photo editing app for your needs.

Best Photo Editing App

  1. Snapseed
    Best For: Daily photo editing

Wide variety of editing tools, yet very easy to use
Lighting, color and sharpening adjustments
Crop, rotate, straighten and perspective correction
Selective adjustments and healing tools
Black & white, vintage and texture filters
Improved portraits, lens blur and vignette
Double exposure, frame and text
Price: FREE
Best Photo Editing App
Snapseed is one of the most popular iPhone photo editing apps.


Because it’s easy to use, even though it offers a powerful collection of editing tools. It’s also completely free to download and use!

This photo editor app is suitable for both novice and experienced iPhone photographers.

With Snapseed, you can easily increase exposure, color, and sharpness. And you can crop, rotate, and straighten images.

Best Photo Editing App
Selective tools and brushes let you edit only certain parts of your image. And the healing tool is great for removing objects from your photos.

Perfect Portrait Tool to create perfect portrait photos with smooth skin and sparkling eyes.

Best Photo Editing App
Snapseed also has preset filters to create a different mood in your photos.

Filters make it easy to convert your photos to black and white or create a vintage look with textures.

Best Photo Editing App
If you’re new to iPhone photography, Snapseed should be the first photo editor app you download. With this app, you will be able to make amazing edits that will improve your images dramatically.

Snapseed is available for FREE from the App Store. Unlike many other photo editing apps, there are no additional in-app purchases to be paid for.

Learn how to use this amazing app in our Snapseed photo editing tutorial.

  1. VSCO
    Best For: Make beautiful edits with elegant filters

Elegant one-tap presets and effects that create a classic movie look
Adjustable filter strength
200+ filters to make a different look on your photos
Editing tools to change exposure, color and sharpness
Filters and editing tools can be used to edit videos
Price: FREE (subscription fee for full collection of filters and editing tools)
Best Photo Editing App
VSCO (pronounced visco) is another fantastic photo editing app. In fact, it is one of the best photo filter apps for iPhone.

An extensive collection of presets and effects lets you create classic movie looks on your iPhone photos. They are perfect for adding a vintage feel to your images.

Best Photo Editing App
Unlike other apps where the filters can be very strong, VSCO’s filters are smooth. Many of them have a soft, faded look for very simple edits.

You can adjust the filter strength according to your taste. And you can fine-tune color and exposure using editing tools.

Best Photo Editing App
You can also use the same filters and editing tools to edit videos on your iPhone.

VSCO is FREE to download from the App Store. It comes with 10 free filters and a set of photo editing tools.

You can access over 200 filters, as well as additional editing tools, by paying for a VSCO X membership.

Best Photo Editing App
Learn how to use VSCO with our in-depth tutorials:
VSCO App Tutorial: How to Capture & Edit Beautiful iPhone Photos
How to Use VSCO Filters To Create Beautiful iPhone Photos

  1. Touch Retouch
    Best For: Remove unwanted objects from your photos

Quickly remove unwanted objects for a cleaner composition
Remove dust spots, wires, people and other objects
Remove blemishes and smooth wrinkles in portrait photos
Duplicate object using clone tool
Price: $3.99
Best Photo Editing App
Many Photoshop applications have tools to remove objects from photos. But this is the only purpose of TouchRetouch. And it’s still one of the easiest and most effective apps to remove unwanted elements from your photos.

Just use your finger to highlight the object you want to deleteā€¦ then watch it disappear! The application automatically replaces the selected object with pixels from the surrounding area.

Blemish Remove Tool

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